Theo – Dutch Shepherd / Belgian Malinois x

We have found Theo his forever home!  I want to thank everyone who contacted me showing interest in our big guy.  Here is wishing him long life and happiness with his new forever home and family!


Meet Theo! This big guy is a soon to be 3 year old Dutch Shepherd / Belgian Malinois cross.  We adopted him from a lovely young couple who purchased him as a puppy.  They didn’t feel they could provide him the care he required anymore and reluctantly decided to rehome him.  Now, we find we are in a similar situation.

Theo (1 of 1)This boy is truly lovely!  He fits in perfectly with our family.  We have two young boys ages 8 and 6, they poke, prod & hug him and he loves it.  He loves them!  He unfortunately is not mixing with our feline family member.  After very careful introduction process, we are back to square one.  The cat is willing to make it work, but Theo isn’t getting the memo.  We fear it will only end up in a very bad situation.  It just isn’t fair to our cat and it isn’t fair to Theo.

We are looking to find him his forever home, once and for all.  This has to be his last move and we are going to be very particular with who takes him on.

Theo requires a family or owner who has large working dog breed experience.  He needs a strong, firm, caring, kind pack and pack leader to show him the way and keep him in check.  He is a teenager in dog years and is always pushing his boundaries.  But Theo aims to please!  With the right guidance and direction he is going to be the most amazing family pet!  He already is!!

















The lowdown about Theo:
– He is big. When I say big I mean TALL.  He is ~29″ at the shoulder, weighing approx 75 lbs.
– He does not jump up
– Very well behaved and social at dog parks
– He pulls on walks if you let him and is anxious when meeting other dogs on leash.  Requires a strong, confident handler.
– Great with kids
– LOVES meeting all people
– Very confident and friendly!
– This guy loves to RUNNNN!!!!
– He travels well

What Theo Needs:
– A well seasoned dog owner experienced with large, working type breeds.
– A strong, firm, caring, kind pack leader
– A big, fully fenced back yard
– Cat free home
– He needs exercise, every single day.  Ideally, if he could run in a very large fully fenced back yard with someone, he would play catch all-day-long!  Walks are good, but they just don’t cut it with this guy.  He has to get out somewhere off leash safely and run.  You should see him go!!
– Theo’s new owner should have a van or SUV type vehicle.  Sitting in a small car is not really an option for him.

He is neutered and fully vaccinated.  We will include his toys, a training and a regular leash, a training collar, crate and his bowls.  We are asking for an adoption fee to ensure he is going to a committed forever home.
If you or someone you know would like more information, please share this link, leave a comment here or contact Julie at
Thank you for reviewing or sharing Theo’s page!  We want to do the best for our boy!!!

Please, we are looking for someone local.  We are in Cambridge, Ontario.
Serious inquiries only!



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